Trying to get a decent nights sleep when the temperature's rise is a difficult task. When you are hot, you are more likely to wake, breaking your sleep cycle. Here are some tips to increase the likelihood of staying asleep and getting your all important hours in.

During the hot weather, our pores are naturally open more of the time and we are more likely to sweat; sweating loses potassium which is required for a fully functional nervous system. We also lose additional essential salts, all of which we'd do well to replenish throughout the day. Bananas are high in potassium, drinking not only water but electrocyclic drinks will help replace these essential items, maintaining a decent osmotic balance in our bodies.

Fans and Cooling devices

Ideally we'd all have Air Conditioning units running in our homes to create the perfect temperature for sleep but for the vast majority of Brits we are left to the use of fans, open windows and wet towels.

Running fans can have the temporary cooling effect on our skin, but scientists advise having fans pointing outwards to open windows pushing the hot air out of the sleeping room.

It's also been documented that creating a 'cross breeze' by having two fans opposite each other cools the air more effectively. But, fans are noisy and some people just cannot get through the noise to sleep.

Placing clean wet towels in the freezer, or using ice packs under our pillows seems to work rather well. It's been noted that ideal conditions for our body to sleep well, is a cool head and warm body. By cooling down your pillow will give you the best chance of maintaining your sleep.

Dress Lightly and Loosely

Wearing tight fitting clothes doesn't bode well for air flow, making us feel hotter and often this can be represented by sweating more in areas where clothes touch our skin.

Have light and loose fitting clothes helps with heat management and also allows any, natural breeze or fan based air, to circulate and cool our bodies more effectively.

Choice of fabric is also important; cotton is a great material for heat management, try and avoid man made fibres which often contain plastic. When we move, these plastic fibres naturally move together creating friction with an exothermic effect; heat.

Beds and Bedding

Certain beds are naturally cooler due to there composition. Using natural non-man made materials in the bed making process, aids greatly with temperature regulation. Cotton, Silk, Wool amongst other natural fibres help greatly.

There are also great advancements in cooling technology for beds and covers.  Copper has been used with good results with some cooling mattress protectors.

Additional Tips for sleeping in the heat

  • Take a warm shower or bath to invoke body cooling
  • Freeze a washcloth and place under pillow or on head
  • Eat smaller meals close to bedtime
  • Freeze a water bottle, cooling internally
  • Keep the blinds shut during the day, if it's warmer out, keep it out
  • Limit alcohol before bed
  • Limit exercise before bed
  • Use cooling materials to sleep in, cotton, silk
  • Use a naturally made mattress