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Bespoke Mattresses & Beds

Bespoke Beds and Mattresses

At Now to Bed, we offer a bespoke service for mattresses and divan bases. This includes special sizes to fit in a cottage, or a special size for a caravan. To the left, you can see a few examples of the shapes you can get a mattress made in - you can even have a multi-part mattress to fit into extremely tight spaces. No matter where you sleep. 

Below are just a few ways that mattresses and divan bases can be configures, however if you need something else, don't hesitate to ask - we'll try and get the perfect bed to suit your needs.

For any bespoke queries, please contact us or phone us on  01745 872877.

Custom Size Mattress

Sometimes it can be very difficult to find a mattress to fit a specific space, such as in a caravan, cottage or canal boat. We are able to provide mattresses to fit any size space. You can also get different shapes to fit nooks or even if you just wanted a special shape - just as a fancy looking round bed. We can also provide mattresses with a cut out in them, to fit into a room with a pillar in the way.

Dual Tension Mattresses

If you and your partner prefer different types of firmness, you don't necessarily have to purchase a zip & link mattress. Some manufactures, such as Hypnos, offer dual tension in some of their mattresses, so you can have both have the perfect comfort, even if it's different. 

While this is a bespoke service, we have made it even easier for you by including it as an option for all compatible mattresses and divan sets, and at no additional cost too!

Split Base

If you live in a cottage or a house with awkward stairs, getting a king size or super king size divan base into your bedroom may be impossible without getting a crane and removing a window. 

However, we can provide a bed with a base split into four parts, meaning that you can have a high quality Super King divan set in your bedroom, even if the stairs don't allow it.

Custom Divan Base Height

If you need a divan base with a specific height, we are able to provide a bed to suit your needs. Be sure to check the height of the mattress you want to pair with it (you can find it on the specifications tab on the product page) to work out the total height you'll need.