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asif j javed 08/04/2021

Great support from the Now to Bed team - bed was delayed 6 months due to the pandemic and Hypnos were very poor..

Deborah Stibbards 08/04/2021

Great customer service. There was a delay with the supply of my mattress so 8 did have to contact the retailer to query this but once I did they explained fully that this was due to a partial shut down at the Hypnos factory due to Covid & they were t..

Sophie Samuelson 08/04/2021

Fantastic suppliers - Super efficient, great products at a great price. All the Now to Bed... team were incredibly helpful and quick to respond to my requests. Their delivery team were also amazing - could not recommend Now to Bed... more!..

Patrick 04/04/2021

Smooth delivery and restful sleep - we went with Now to Bed as the delivery date was a lot earlier than others. They stuck to that date after our order was placed and the delivery process was smooth and efficient and the delivery men very friendly an..