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Mammoth Honeycomb Hybrid Deep / Slim Pillow Mammoth Honeycomb Hybrid Deep / Slim Pillow
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The Mammoth Honeycomb Hybrid Pillow is designed to deliver incredible pressure relief and support, the unique soft and breathable honeycomb inner is fully breathable meaning it will keep you cool ensuring that you get the perfect night's sleep. The Micro-fresh cover features anti-microbial technology which is designed to keep your product fresher for longer and to top it off is hypoallergenic, vegan friendly and free from plastics making this product perfect for sensitive skin types.Mammoths Foam fillings are made from their unique Medical Grade foam.The Micro-Fresh antibacterial and anti-viral cover is designed to keep your pillow free from odours, viruses, and mould, and is hypoallergenic and Vegan friendly.Micro-fresh cover keeps the pillow surface clean and hygienic. It is also removable and washable at 40° C.This pillow contains only regenerated fibres and ethically sourced Cotton.Designed to offer a softer feel.Measurements:W – Width x L – Length x D - DepthSlim Pillow - W 48cm (18.9'') x L 74cm (29.1'') x D 16cm (6.3'')Deep Pillow - W 48cm (18.9'') x L 74cm (29.1'') x D 18cm (7.1'')..
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