It's no secret that we all need sleep to perform and function to the best of our abilities through out the day, but how can noise help you to sleep and stay asleep?

According to Dr.Hana Patel, a GP from London, the benefit of introducing background noise has benefitted her patients who find it difficult to sleep.

Some people find white noise helpful as the brain has something relaxing to focus on instead of the surrounding environmental noises. White noise can not only help some people to fall asleep, it can help them to stay asleep.

White Noise

Much like light*, white noise encapulates the sound spectrum by holding all the frequenices at the same volume and carries multiple sound waves from low, midrange and high. (*White Light contains all the colours of the spectrum).

By holding all the different sound waves, white noise is a good masker of otherwise annoying outside noise that may have a variable of frequency; road noise, music etc.

Dr Lindsay Browning, a psychologist, neuroscientist and sleep expert, explains that when we sleep, part of our brain is still awake and monitoring for potential problems: crying babies, fire alarms etc. Dr Browning says these noises may help "mask those sudden outside noises" and help you to stay asleep rather than be disturbed.

Pink, Green, Brown Noises

Pink noise has all the characteristics of white noise but higher frequency and quieter volume, like the gentle sound of rain. 

Brown noise contains very low frequencies, like the sound of an aircraft and is especially helpful for those that suffer from tinnitus.

Green Noise 

Green Noise, trending on a lot of social media channels. A pleasant and relaxing noise around 500Hz, which is similar in wavelength to ambient background noise. The sound of nature some say. 


Science suggests that if you regularly get the recommended amount of sleep, you are at a lower risk of developing certain physical and mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, heart, disease, stroke, dementia, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.